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Terms and Conditions

When you create a profile at you agree that you have read and understood the current rules for users of 

Terms and Conditions for the creation and use of the profile at 

- declines all responsibility for the user's personal pictures. cannot be held responsible for uploading files or images with copyright. But we strive to remove profiles that violate this policy. 

- By entering your email address you accept that you would like to receive newsletters from It is also a security in case you forget your password as your information can be sent to your email. Newsletters may contain advertising and promotions. 

- It is not allowed to enter contact information in your profile or in your username, or encourage in any way to get around's built-in contact system, unless it is done in the latter part of contact for practical reasons. We reserve the right to change or delete a profile if we believe that the profile attempt to get around our contact system. 

- It is illegal to enter a fake (someone else's) email address. Cases of harassment or cheating will be reported to the police with IP address and time of creation of the profile. 

- It is illegal to enter someone else's phone number. Cases of harassment will be reported to the police with the IP address and time of the creation of the profile 

- It is not necessary that you specify either phone number or email address, but we recommend you to do it in order to fully exploit's functions. 

-You can make changes and see your profile when you are logged in. It is your own responsibility to make sure password, email address and other information will remain confidential, so that others do not have access to it. For this reason, is not responsible for any changes to your profile or changes in your account information if someone logs into your account using your password. It is entirely your responsibility that you and only you use and know the password. 

- reserves the right to remove/change profiles using commercial or profiles that contains any form of advertising that is offensive, discriminatory, or in any manner, is not acceptable. do not accept any content of implicit or explicit sexual nature. This applies even if you add a picture on the profile. do not accept that you enter your address, phone number or other information that can identify you. - reserves the right to delete profiles we believe are frivolous or in any way does not contain truthful information. 

-It is not allowed to create a profile that can be connected to another person. As well as it is not permitted to disclose someone else’s email address, address, phone number or other contact information. Cases of harassment will be reported to the police with the IP number and time of the creation of the profile. 

- It is not allowed to send or forward messages on containing commercial, abusive, discriminatory content, chain letters or contact information to other people. - By creating a profile on you agree to that can show your profile for users at both via email and page views at A profile view may contain information about your political beliefs, religion, sexuality, and similar information if you have entered this in your profile. Similarly, we can show your profile information and photos on partner sites or in connection with advertising. If you want to remove this agreement, you can remove it on your profile. 

- All personal information is handled confidentially and will not be disclosed to any other party without the user's approval.- It is not allowed to invite or advertise arrangements that in any way would give financial gain for the organizers. That is, events with prepayment, guest lists and other structured content is not allowed on 

- aim to, if possible to show the most relevant ads. Relevancy is determined by the information you enter on your profile on 

- reserves the right to remove profiles without further ado, for breaching the previously mentioned rules.- reserves the right to use the user's profile picture on banners and ads on other partner sites. 

- may at any time remove (delete) a profile without a warning if one or more of the above requirements are not met. This applies even if you are a Gold Roommate or use the free profile. Any remaining paid Gold Roommate time will not be refunded if you do not meet the above requirements.